Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Make Big Money While Retired Overseas

If you are an expat, or have thought about living overseas, you have probably at some point come across a magazine/website called International Living. They are frequently quoted in articles you'll find on other websites as well. I first came across them, if I recall correctly, after following a link for a Yahoo News article on 'The Ten Best Places to Retire Overseas' (no, Cebu City wasn't one of them).

IL sells seminars and books on how to live in various countries. I think I'll probably post more about them, but I'll tell you now that, while they have some worthwhile info, most of it is freely available from lots of other sources, so I'd recommend just taking their free stuff. Why pay for what you can get free elsewhere?

Here's an example of what they offer. I got an email from them a couple days ago about how to make money while living overseas. It starts like this:
"Income overseas expert Lori Allen had an interesting conversation with a gentleman on a flight recently. 
He was all set to retire, but money problems were getting in the way. 
Lori offered a suggestion that could mean an income of $10,000...$50,000...or even $200,000 and more a year. 
Keep reading...she’s going to share the strategy with you, too..."
And guess what this hot, hot idea was?

-- Dramatic Pause --

Sell stuff on Amazon!!!!!!!

What a great new idea -- you'd never think of something like that on your own, would you? No, that's the sort of stuff it takes an 'Income overseas expert' to come up with.

And they give away great ideas like this for only $850 at their seminars. If you ask nicely and pay me a hundred bucks I'll give you a link to their website so you can sign up.

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