Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Notre Dame Sees the Light on the Morality of Contracts

When Notre Dame tried to strong-arm its way out of its deal to play Arizona State University in Tempe in 2015, I posted about it here.
It’s very discouraging, as I said then, that the most highly-visible putatively Catholic institution in America has so little regard for its honor that they felt they could just ignore a contract.

In the face of a threat of legal action by the Arizona Board of Regents, Notre Dame was forced to back down. It’s again a shame that it took that sort of threat to make them keep their word, but then, if Notre Dame had any ethical standards at all, they never would have tried to abrogate the contract in the first place.

Of course, I realize this is not a religious issue. This is big-time college athletics, which means it’s business. But every business I was ever involved in had higher standards than Notre Dame has displayed.

No doubt they are used to everyone kowtowing to them and giving in to whatever they want. I’m glad to see that ASU didn’t do that. I was also glad to see ASU’s athletic director get this little zinger in:
“Any time you go into a new conference like Notre Dame, it poses problems. If we’re going to represent certain standards, we’ve got to abide by contracts. It’s a good thing we were able to work it out for both parties.”

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