Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Heading to Zamboanga

I’m off soon to spend a few days in Zamboanga City, which is at the far end of the Zamboanga Peninsula in southwest Mindanao. Here’s a map.

I’m heading there for a family wedding. This will be the first wedding I’ve ever attended in the Philippines, so it should be interesting. I will report in a few days (the wedding is Saturday).

On the downside, I just found out that Zamboanga is experiencing power outages for seven or eight hours a day. That doesn’t sound like fun. Neither does my flight, which leaves at 4:55am – it’s the only daily flight from Cebu to Zamboanaga City, so I didn’t have much choice.

Oh well -- off to discover new things.

Update, 3/13, 10pm: The power has gone out four times since noon. Just a few minutes each time, so that's not so bad. I wonder if the hotel has its own back-up generator. 


  1. Will there be pictures and an accompanying post? I need more information on traditional Filipino weddings.

  2. I have lots of pics. When I will get them online is another question.