Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baseline Gym

This is Baseline, the gym I belong to. It’s pretty basic, as you can see – open-air because there is no air conditioning. You'll note it's mostly weights -- Filipinos seem to be much more into strength training than cardio-vascular; none of the gyms I've seen that cater to locals have much cardio equipment – this one has two stationary bikes and two manual treadmills (the treads are on rollers). That’s it – everything else is weights.

I should mention that the workout areas for men and women are separate. The pictures are of the men’s area – the women’s is smaller, but about equally equipped given the very small number of women I’ve seen using it. In fact, there usually is nobody there -- Filipinas (mostly) don't seem to be into fitness or sports.

The only gym I’ve seen with much cardio equipment is located in one of the high-end hotels catering to expats. I considered joining it – the cost was only about 1000-1200 pesos/month ($25-$30), as I recall, but Baseline is so close to my apartment that I joined it instead (450 pesos -- $11). Friendly people, so I’m happy there.


  1. i want to join this gym , so can i

    1. Dhruv: Just walk in and there should be no problem with joining -- if they'll let me in, they'll admit anybody. :)

      The rates are very reasonable -- about 500-600 (seems to be variable, depending on sunspots or something). No contracts, just pay by the month.

      The gym is in back, between the restaurant and the tennis courts. Just ask one of the guards -- they can direct you.

  2. i live near baseline , and im looking for gym near to baseline in low price