Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thanks, Barack

I would imagine that's what Scott Walker is saying today.

What could be better for a Republican seeking his party's nomination than to be singled out for criticism by Barack Obama -- and especially to be criticized for doing something that is very popular among Republicans?

After Walker signed a new Right-to-Work law into effect in Wisconsin:
President Obama inserted himself into the Republican presidential race Monday night with a statement blasting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for signing "right-to-work" legislation earlier in the day. 
The unusual statement—the White House has not often spoken out about state laws—comes as Walker's star continues to rise in a crowded GOP field. 
"I'm deeply disappointed that a new anti-worker law in Wisconsin will weaken, rather than strengthen, workers in the new economy," Obama said. "Wisconsin is a state built by labor, with a proud pro-worker past.
Walker just picked up another several points in the Iowa and New Hampshire polls.

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