Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Just Keeps Making It Worse

RealClearPolitics has a good summary of commentary on Hillary Clinton's press conference yesterday. It's not surprising of course that her performance was panned from the right:
“Hillary acknowledging that it would have been better to use two e-mail accounts is about as close to an apology from the Clintons you’ll ever get. But the matter of ‘convenience’ is just nonsense, as everyone knows. Even a tech dinosaur like myself has two e-mail accounts, which I now access on my spiffy new iPhone 6 Plus.” – Larry Kudlow, National Review 
An aside: The excuse that “I would have needed two phones for two email accounts” is among the funniest things I've heard in years.

But, in addition to the right, she also took shots from both the Establishment media (her natural allies):
“More than two decades ago, Bill Clinton’s operation perfected the notion of rapid response after the 1988 presidential campaign when Democrat Michael Dukakis lost in good part because he refused to address political attacks he judged foolish or inconsequential. Hillary Clinton’s comparatively laggard reaction to the email controversy, allowing more than a week to pass before she offered a substantive response, contributed to concern among party professionals that her political operation had gone rusty — or, worse, was maladapted to the 24/7 demands of today’s campaign world.” — Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times 
“She told reporters that she hadn’t wanted to be weighed down by a second electronic device. It wasn’t secrecy that motivated her. It was purse space and pinkie strain. And behind her forced smile, which was practically cemented in place, she seemed put out by all the skepticism and all the questions. She shouldn’t be. This latest Clinton controversy is not the work or fault of Republican enemies or a ruthless, unappeasable press corps. It’s her doing.” -- Frank Bruni, New York Times 
“Government employees don't have private servers in their homes and then become the sole arbiters of what is relevant to the public or not. That's the crux of the problem here, and I don't think that she answered that.”– Margaret Hoover, CNN
And from the far left.
“You wonder why the Clintons seem to feel above the rules, seem to feel arrogant, as some people say. And this is an unforced error. It’s political malpractice, something she could have easily avoided. Surely somebody in her circle, if not her herself, had to have said, ‘Uh, this is not a good idea.’” — TourĂ© Neblett, MSNBC
Perhaps the left is trying to clear the way for a preferred candidate (e.g., Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders), but when somebody like Hillary Clinton loses the two coastal Timeses (?) and CNN, she's got problems.

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