Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Social Security Records Say There Are 6.5 Million Americans over Age 112

An Inspector General's report says that, according to SS files, there are millions of Americans still alive who were born in 1901 or prior:
Many people are living longer, but not to age 112 or beyond -- except in the records of the Social Security Administration. 
The SSA's inspector general has identified 6.5 million number-holders age 112 -- or older -- for whom no death date has been entered in the main electronic file, called Numident. 
The audit, dated March 4, 2015, concluded that SSA lacks the controls necessary to annote death information on the records of number-holders who exceed "maximum reasonable life expectancies."
The audit even turned up a few thousand born before the Civil War who SSA says are still alive.

Many of the centenarians are still working; well, okay, to be more realistic, somebody using their SS number is working. And that, of course, is why this is a problem – many of the numbers are being used fraudulently.

But don't worry, the government will have no problem taking care of your medical records.

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