Thursday, March 5, 2015

Update on 2016 Republican Potentials

Back in November, I posted this assessment of the potential Republican field for 2016. A the time, I said of Scott Walker:
For my early choice I’m leaning toward Scott Walker. Walker is identified primarily with fiscal and reform issues (especially reining in public employee unions), but his social policy credentials are sufficient that I think my most ardently social conservative friends would find no problem accepting him (part of why I think this is because he is well to my right on social issues). I know nothing about his defense views (having held only local and state offices, he has not had occasion to take positions on defense). I’ll look forward to seeing what he has to say about defense and foreign policy.
Thus far I am underwhelmed, though I still lean toward Walker, and in some ways he's doing quite well.

A Facebook friend posted this item by Eric Erickson from a more-conservative-than-me website called Red State, to which I responded:
I surprised myself by being mostly in agreement with Erickson.  
I am leaning toward Walker for now, but it will remain only a lean until he demonstrates some foreign policy chops (or, at minimum, an ability to talk his way around the lack -- his recent FP comments have been an embarrassment). Rubio and Jindal are probably my back-ups. 
If Bush is the nominee ... well, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe leave the country for a couple years as I did in 2012.

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