Monday, March 23, 2015

Laurie Roberts' Latest Crazed Rant about Doug Ducey

You may recall this post from just a few days ago in which I quoted Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts going off about one-tenth cocked because the governor, Doug Ducey, had proposed an office of Inspector General to audit state agencies (many other states and cities, as well as the feds, have similar offices). Roberts mused darkly about 'secret police'.

Well, she's at it again.

Is Doug Ducey a governor or a dictator?

Let's see, Gov. Doug Ducey got elected with the help of dark money and he's surrounded himself with dark-money supporters, some of whom are now operating as his political muscle. 
He pushed his budget through the Legislature like a bullet train and has announced that he doesn't need legislation to begin work on his $24 million plan to help private charter-school operators expand their businesses. 
Now that the time for public hearings has passed, he suddenly wants to dissolve the Department of Weights at Measures. And oh yeah, he wants Republican legislators, still in full-blown honeymoon thrall, to give him a secret police force. 
I fully expect Ducey to come out any day now wearing a general's uniform with a lot of braid and shiny medals. 
Shall we just call you Fidel, governor?
You know, I'm beginning to think poor Laurie may have a problem.

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