Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Good Spot for Hillary?

This article from The Guardian (UK) argues that it is time for the UN to have a female boss.

Since Secretary-General of the UN is a very prestigious but totally meaningless position, heading up a totally meaningless organization, I think this might offer a good out for Hillary Clinton. Her presidential campaign seems to be sputtering and she's shown herself, both this year and in 2008 against Barack Obama, to be a really, really bad politician despite all the advantages her name gives her (she's on the Mitt Romney level of campaign ineptitude), so she may be looking for a graceful way out of another embarrassing loss.

Pushing Hillary into the Sec-Gen job would allow the Democrats to get her off-stage quietly and allow her to boast, “I am the first female __________”, which seems to be a big motivator for her (even if the title that fills in the blank isn't the one she had in mind).

1 comment:

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