Friday, March 20, 2015

Doug Ducey's Secret Police

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is not much liked by the Phoenix newspaper's left-wing columnists. The guv has proposed an office of 'inspector general' to look into the activities of state agencies (offices with similar duties, under various names, exist in several states, and in the federal government). Local columnist Laurie Roberts, not at the best of times very rational, went totally off the rails on the subject, including accusing Ducey of creating a secret police force.
A powerful governor, backed by dark money now further consolidating his power with his own secret police? 
Hey, what's not to like? 
House Bill 2420 cleared its only committee hearing on Wednesday, on a party line vote.Under the bill, the new IG will carry a badge, have subpoena power in his pocket and report directly to the governor. The office will be staffed with a handful of inspectors. 
Ducey's private police force is conceived as a secret agency. 
Hyperventilate much, Laurie?

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