Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Party of Big Business

The government will enforce the Obamacare rules that apply to individuals and to religious institutions, but they're going to give businesses a pass.

Please tell me again, because I keep forgetting: which one is The Party of Big Business?

I am finding that I see American politics as less a matter of Republicans v. Democrats and more as what I might characterize (a bit melodramatically) as The People v. The Elite. The elite in the US are the people who make up the Bigs -- Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor, Big Media, and their associated groupings in entertainment, the educational establishment, and so on.

At present, all the Bigs are allied with the Democrats, so I see myself as anti-Democrat. But I am not necessarily pro-Republican, since too many of the Republicans are allied with the Bigs, too (or become so as soon as they reach Washington and figure out that’s where the money is). Both the Bushes, for example, were about as Big Government and Big Business as it’s possible to get, and both McCain (though I supported him in 2008) and Romney (whom I have always distrusted) were more of the same.

I’ve been playing for several months with ideas on how to put together an agenda that could build a populist/libertarian/social conservative alliance, since all those groupings have a natural antipathy to the Bigs, and could together easily win, but they are often (especially libertarians and socons) in conflict.

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