Monday, July 1, 2013

The Greater of Two Evils?

Why is the US backing the rebels in Syria?

I don’t propose that we should back Assad and the government, but given that both sides are odious, why are we involved at all? It would appear that we learned nothing from backing Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; nor, to go back further, from the consequences of backing the Ayatollahs against the Shah in Iran. Now we’re backing a group that is part of Al-Quaeda.

I’m aware that there are often good reasons for choosing the lesser of two evils, but in this instance there’s little to indicate that the rebels are any less evil than Assad. Here’s their latest:

… Murad, 49, was setting up a monastery in Gassanieh, northern Syria. Last Sunday … extremist militants trying to topple President Bashar Assad breached the monastery and grabbed Murad. 
While earlier reports suggested Murad may have been shot to death, Catholic Online reported Saturday: “The Vatican is confirming the death by beheading of Franciscan Father, Francois Murad, who was martyred by Syrian jihadists on June 23.” 
The Catholic news service quotes local sources who report that the radical Al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra, or Al-Nusra Front, was behind the savage killing. 
In video posted by Live Leak purporting to show the execution, dozens of men and boys are seen cheering on as three men are seated on the ground awaiting their grisly fate. 
The men are methodically beheaded one at a time by men holding what appears to be a simple kitchen knife after which the heads are placed on top of the bodies. 
According to Catholic Online, the first victim was Murad.
Is this really what we should be allying with? If this is how they behave when they are trying to garner support, what will they be like when they take power?

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