Friday, July 26, 2013

Obama Campaign Donor Appointed Ambassador to Japan

President Obama is continuing his policy of selling major embassies in return for campaign donations. This time the buyer is Caroline Kennedy, who has purchased the embassy in Tokyo.

From The New York Times:
He recently put forward big-dollar fund-raisers to be envoys in London, Berlin, Copenhagen and Madrid. 
This item, which I posted several months ago when these rumors began, details the problems caused by some of his other such appointments, as well as background on his campaign promises not to sell government offices.

While I wish Obama had kept those promises, believing such things would be naive. However, my opinion is that paying off campaign debts with ambassadorships is why countries like Barbados exist. Japan matters (they were scrambling jets to scare off Chinese incursions over disputed islands just a couple days ago, and the guy in North Korea is still nuts) -- it's no place for amateurs, however impressive the amateur's pedigree.

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