Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taking Rudeness to a Whole New Level

Any time we talk about a trait that we ascribe to a whole group, there have to be many caveats observed. Obviously such a trait isn't found in every member of that group, nor is it exclusive to that group. We are merely saying that it is our perception that it is found more often in that group than in others.

With that bow to political correctness out of the way, a negative trait that is common among Filipinos is cutting into line and pushing to the front of groups. Expats here talk about this among themselves a lot. (Though most will say Filipinos aren't as bad as Chinese).

In any case, this isn't by itself that big a deal, it's mostly a minor annoyance.

But tonight I saw something extraordinary.

I attended Mass at the Basilica de Santo Nino, where I watched several people shove their way into the front of the Communion line.

Did they think God was going to run out of grace before they got their share?

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