Thursday, May 7, 2015

The UK Election Has Been Fun to Follow

Lots of shocking stuff in the results, but probably nothing more unlikely than one of Labour's biggest names getting beaten by a twenty-year-old student in Scotland.
Douglas Alexander, Labour's campaign manager, lost his Paisley South seat to a 20-year-old student. 
Mhairi Black, the new SNP MP, is 20 years and 238 days old and becomes the youngest MP since the great Reform Act - having captured the Labour seat with an extraordinary swing of 26.9 per cent. 
Miss Black, a politics student who sits her final exams at Glasgow University after the election, becomes the youngest MP since 13-year-old Christopher Monck in 1667. 
A devoted Partick Thistle supporter, Miss Black made the mistake after becoming a candidate of failing to delete some of her more colourful tweets, including one in which she wrote: “I’ve only just realised - I really f***** hate Celtic” and “Celtic, yer a joke!#scum" 
On another occasion she posted a boozy confession, saying: “Woke up beside half a can of Tennents and a full pizza and more money than I came out with. I call that a success!” 
I suggest that when her final exams come up, she should just turn in her election results.

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