Friday, October 4, 2013

N. Jacob Praff, DDS

Update: I changed the title of this post by deleting the words " ... is a spammer."

I received a message (see below) from Dr. Praff in which he says that a firm he hired to promote his website was sending out spam without his knowledge, and that he has discontinued their service., Well done, Dr. Praff.

The following is the original post:

About a month ago, I posted a recommendation of a good dentist, Dr. Redulla-Salupan, whom I had visited recently. 

Since then, I have at least twice (I think three times) had the following spam posted in the comments of that article:
N. Jacob Praff, DDS is a dentist located in Spring Valley, NY. Dr Praff offers general and cosmetic dentistry for adults and children. Some of the services offered Bonding, Root Canals, Zoom! Whitening, Veneers, Scaling, Root Planning, Cleaning, Dentures. more information then visit : http://url-deleted   
Give us a call on +1 845.deleted 
cosmetic dentist (link deleted)
I presume N. Jacob Praff has hired some spam service to post his garbage on any blog entries that it finds dealing in any way with dentistry. Perhaps that isn't true and maybe Zeniya Opi (the name used by the purported poster) is acting on her/his own, for whatever reason. 

I will send a copy of this to him and see if he has a good explanation (or if I get a response at all). In the past, I've deleted N. Jacob Praff's spam (as I do with the rest), but I think I'll leave it there (with the links removed) 

In the meantime, if you are in the Spring Valley, NY area and are looking for a dentist with high professional and ethical standards ... I'm afraid I have no recommendations.  

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  1. I apologize for the spam, I hired an SEO company who apparently all they do is spam people I have since gotten rid of them. Thank you for the information