Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Venezuelan Beer Shortage, Part II

Well, yes, it's true that the whole point of this post
was to justify slipping this picture in here.
Clever of me, wasn't it?
Last week, I mentioned that Venezuela was running out of beer (together with a bit of snark that failed states ought to make darned sure they have plenty of booze to deaden the pain). Maybe instead of being snarky, I should have offered some serious advice to any R4ers traveling to Venezuela: Keep your mouth shut about the beer shortage.
Without knowing the crimes alleged against him, the general director of the Venezuelan Federation of Liquor Producers (Fevelif) was arrested on Friday, July 24. According to local media, Fray Roa could appear in court on Monday, July 27.

While there remains no stated justification for the arrest, Venezuelans haven’t failed to notice that it occurred right after Roa shared revelations with journalist Gabriela Frías on her television program Global Portfolio, broadcast on CNN en Español. […]
The industry representative complained about the lack of raw materials for the production of beer and malt in the country.
Ain’t socialismo wonderful?

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