Friday, August 7, 2015


I haven't talked here about the fact that I'm being treated for prostate cancer. Cancer isn't a very amusing topic.

Except when it is.

I'm currently being treated with an IV solution of radium-223, called Xofigo. Each treatment ends with one of the doctors holding a geiger counter in front of me to see whether I'm emitting radiation. Cracks me up every time.

I've had the cancer for a little over a year (I returned from Ecuador because a test there had found it). Prostate cancer is usually considered one of the least-aggressive common cancers, but apparently mine skipped his cancer-training class that day.

I'll periodically offer updates here, but this is not going to be a blog about cancer. It will continue to be mostly about the same stuff it has been.

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  1. Hi Bob, I hope you are doing wonderful, energetic and very much alive! I would like to ask about the biopsy you had in Manila. I read that the Doctor says it was not cancerous, what happened? I thought you don't have Prostate cancer. I am actually looking for a reliable biopsy for my dad. Thank you in advance for your response. Highly and greatly appreciated!