Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WWC: USA-Australia

On Monday, the USA played Australia in the first round of games in the Women's World Cup. The USA was shaky in the first half, with a halftime score of 1-1, and it could have been worse. The second half was totally different, though -- the USA was over its jitters, Australia, which used the soccer equivalent of a full-court press, wore down, and the US won 3-1.

You gotta read the sour grapes on the Australian team website, titled “Australia v USA: 4 things we learnt”. Only the first two matter:
  1. The USA, well, they just aren’t that good 
  2. Australia has developed into a world-class team
So, let's get this straight: A not-very-good team beat a world-class team, 3-1. That does happen sometimes; when it happens, it generally indicates either great coaching or a magnificent performance by the not-very-good team (and calls for congrats to them), or a crap performance by the world-class team.

Which was it? We're not told, unfortunately.

Well, I guess there's another possibility: luck. Yeah, that's it, the USA just got lucky.

Grow up, Aussies. Your team is pretty good, they deserve better from their support staff.

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