Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Does Anybody Really Not Know That Cigarettes Are Unhealthy?

I'm a non-smoker. I smoked for many years, starting in my late teens, but quit about thirty-five years ago. I very much wish my friends who do smoke would quit, because I want the pleasure of their company for many years to come (but I don't preach to them – it's their call).

But I read this item with a great deal of skepticism:
A Canadian court has ordered three tobacco companies to pay C$15.5bn (£8bn; $12bn) - the largest award for damages in the country's history. 
The plaintiffs were Quebec smokers who said the firms failed to warn them of health risks associated with smoking.
All smokers, though, surely know that smoking is unhealthy, and have known for many years, several decades at least. My sympathy for someone blaming their habit on the evil corporations is rather limited at this point.

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