Friday, June 12, 2015

McCain's Challenger?

Up here in the Rim Country of Arizona where I'm living these days, our local Tea Party group was addressed by state Senator Kelli Ward, who is expected to run against John McCain next year. The Payson Roundup reports:
One questioner said he’d heard that the funding for Common Core comes from Saudi Arabia and that students would end up reciting Muslim prayers under its provisions. 
Ward responded, “Common Core is an example of a federal takeover — if not an international takeover — of education. They don’t call it Common Core in China, but it’s exactly the same.”
A little further on:
She said of the Second Amendment guarantee of the right to bear arms, “That right shall not be infringed and it comes from our Creator and that’s that.” 
A lot of conservative donors, who would love to see McCain primaried, are saying they'll invest their money where it will do more good if there isn't a more-serious competitor (e.g., Matt Salmon). The above gives some idea why they are skeptical.

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