Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Example of Philippine Business Practices

At Living in Cebu, an expat forum where I hang out, somebody posted a warning about badly-canned foods:
The other day I went to fix some (canned) sisig and scrambled eggs for dinner, and I noticed that when I pressed on the tops of the cans there was a bit of movement as though the can wasn't sealed. Into the garbage they went. Then just last Friday when we were doing our biweekly grocery shopping I noticed that several other cans in the store were the same way: not just sisig (Argentina Spicy Sisig, FYI) but also sardines. Most cans were OK, just a few of them were bad.
OK, so that sort of thing can happen. But the part of the story that tells about Philippine business practices comes in the next paragraph:
We reported it to one of the floor managers but she didn't do anything other than have one of the stockboys return the puffy cans we'd given her to their shelves …
Try to imagine an American store manager doing something like that. Here, businesses have no sense of responsibility toward their customers, in large part because they know that no one in the government or the courts will hold them accountable.

A few examples of unsafe Philippine business practices:

Bus travel
Another bus crash

Businesses here are never held accountable for anything they do, even if they kill their customers.

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