Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Like Europe?

An ongoing theme among leftists in the US is that we need to become more like Europe.

I wonder how they will react to this, which is expected as an outcome of the EU summit meeting today:
The third message will be for migrants, whom the EU will try to discourage from coming to Europe. “Europe has its limits, the individual member states, the individual societies have their limits,” a diplomat said, adding that further arrivals of migrants are unsustainable economically and risk destroying the EU. 
The diplomat explained that discouraging migrants is “extremely sensitive” politically, that it is a “a challenge to present it”, and that its substance was that Europe is not ready to receive any more mass influxes of refugees, because then everyone who wants to have a better life will come to Europe. “This would destroy Europe at the end,” he said. 

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