Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Speaker May Finally Be Listening

I was wondering if the Republicans might kick John Boehner to the curb over the immigration issue. I wrote a few days ago about how stupid I thought it was to even deal with the subject this year.

Throwing out the Speaker doesn't happen often, and it was certainly the longest of long shots, but it was interesting to speculate about. In any case, it looks like Boehner has gotten the message.

Given the negative political implications of dealing with immigration right now, as I wrote before, as well as the president's open unwillingness to enforce laws he doesn't like, Boehner really had no choice but to back down.

Hopefully, a new congress will deal with the issue next year, in a more sensible manner than the current Senate did. I'd like to see a strong effort to enforce existing laws, including stiff sanctions against employers of illegals; followed by an easing of restrictions and streamlining of processes to allow many more skilled immigrants, and then finally some sort of amnesty for most illegals who have been in the US for long periods without breaking other laws.

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