Monday, February 3, 2014

Immigration -- Why Now?

From The Fix by Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post:
If the 2014 election is a referendum on President Obama, Democrats are in deep trouble. 
That’s according to a new state-by-state study of Obama’s job-approval ratings released by Gallup that puts his disapproval rating at over 50 percent in 10 of the 21 states where Democrats are defending Senate seats this fall. In many of those states,Republicans have recruited strong candidates and are preparing to spend big bucks to win the six seats they need to regain the majority.
When even the Washington Post is admitting that President Obama's unpopularity could well bring down the entire Democratic Party this fall, why in hell would the Republican Establishment want to change the focus of the public to immigration (or anything else)?

It makes perfect sense for Democrats to try to change the subject from Obama and Obamacare to ... well, to whatever – marijuana,  the Republican War on Women, income inequality, anything, anything other than Obama and Obamacare.

But why should Republicans try to help them out of the mess they've created? But that's what the Republican Establishment seems to be trying to do.

Regardless of how one feels about immigration reform (and I am in favor of reforming our laws to make legal immigration easier – though I differ with the Establishment in my skepticism about whether new laws will be enforced any better than the old ones were) – again, regardless of that – from a political standpoint, bringing up immigration now is totally insane.

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  1. Here's the real deal:

    "Republicans have recruited strong candidates and are preparing to spend big bucks to win the six seats they need."

    Big bucks is the bottom line. Follow the money.

    They don't care about immigrants, they don't care about Americans, they don't care about representative responsibility, they don't read the legislation they pass ---

    They're all just into it for the personal power and the wealth to be stolen.

    All of them, -the Demopublicans-, are thieves, liars, crooks, and heathens. None of them give a dam about people, any kind of people. Anywhere.

    Fkuc all of them. Every last corrupt, selfish, psycho politician in America of both parties. Republicans/Democrats - a snake with two heads.

    Thieves run the country. Anybody they can steal from is good, immigrants or citizens, it's all good.

    Liars and crooks.

    Anonymous #1