Friday, January 17, 2014

I Am Much Comforted

I am sure that all right-thinking Americans feel much better now that The Beloved Leader has told us that the secret police are just our 'friends and neighbors'

Those who continue to complain after such a reassurance are undoubtedly Enemies of the State and must be watched closely.

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  1. Not 'just' our friends and neighbors, everyone is encouraged to report. Public audio/video/cell phone surveillance can be used to document disobedient thought crimes.

    "If you see something say something" (TSA director Janet Napolitano)

    I am very circumspect about what I say in public these days. Even our city bus system has audio video recorders in constant operation. They can hear every word you say, and I'm sure that data is saved somewhere in the event that it could be of future use.

    These are dangerous times.

    anonymous #1